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Push notifications for nokia asha tasha

Download Push notifications for nokia asha tasha

A small manual for download:
  • Click "Download Now" image upwards.
  • Here is the link Push notifications for nokia asha tasha if the image doesnt shows
  • Then, after you click the image you'll go to the 100% protected site where your download will start shortly
  • The small window should appear. Click RUN, and thats all. Just follow the instructions of the installer.

What can I do to prevent this in the future?If you are on a personal connection, like at home, you can run an anti-virus scan on your device to make sure it is not infected with malware.If you are at an office or shared network, you can ask the network administrator to run a scan across the network looking for misconfigured or infected notifixations and feelWell built and sturdy, the Asha 302 takes notificxtions cues from Nokia's excellent Eseries with a comfortable QWERTY and solid plastic body Ease of useThe Symbian S40 interface offers lots of customisation options and the advanced email and social apps are easy to set up FeaturesA 1GHz processor is unusual for a feature phone, as is the push email for Microsoft Nitifications, WhatsApp free messages and support for Facebook, Twitter and Flickr.

Innovative features help control data spend and battery usage PerformanceThe Asha 302 runs smoothly though multitasking isn't supported, with particularly efficient feature-phone-friendly internet. Its 3.2-megapixel camera ontifications mediocre Notirications lifeWith Wi-Fi and HSDPA but no GPS, the Asha 302 easily lasted two days on moderate use Pros:Low-cost internet features, excellent battery, WhatsApp and push email access, sophisticated social app for a feature phoneCons:As expensive as a full-featured smartphone,can?t keep programs open when switching to another app Nokia may be getting all its press for Windows phones of late, but let's not pus its most devoted fanbase is still the basic phone crowd.

The Asha 302 is the latest to launch on the Symbian Series 40 OS � aka the good ol' Nokia grid interface most of us are familiar with � but Nokia has introduced several smart features, including a new browser built to optimise websites for lower-end phones. Targeted at emerging markets, it also has lots of efficiency features to minimise your data charges.

Bargain, or are you paying for it in other ways? DesignBuild quality has always been high on Nokia phones from its 90s heyday to its less illustrious new millennium portfolio. The Asha 302 is similarly solid, with a lightweight 99g plastic chassis that nevertheless gains an additional layer of respectability via a matt-sheen veneer. A mokia full QWERTY sits below a 2.4-inch non-touch TFT screen with a low resolution of 240x320 pixels.

Between the two, the sizeable navigation panel contains two customisable shortcut keys, a messaging key and contacts key that can be customised to hit social, phonebook or email contacts. Along the top is a 3.5mm audio jack, a proprietary pin charging port as well as a Micro USB port that can charge or connect the phone to the PC for media transfer � but there's no bundled USB cable.Its no-nonsense design takes cues from Nokia's cult business Eseries, with a well-designed keyboard that includes a dedicated �@' symbol and most-used punctuation as secondary options on the main keys.

On the inside is an impressively beefy 1GHz processor, phsh 3.2-megapixel camera and a microSD slot to expand the phone storage by up to 32GB on the paltry 100MB onboard memory. It supports so-called 3.5G mobile internet, for speeds up to 14.4Mbit/s - though that of course depends on your network.

InterfaceThis version of the Symbian OS is basically old-time Nokia with a customisable home screen thrown in. There are three widget spaces customisable with almost any app on the phone, with default set to �social', calendar and a shortcut bar that can be further customised with your most-used apps. Also useful is a notifications widget and an inbox widget. It's not quite lush intuitive a setup as the Android home screens, but with just the one screen to poke around, it's much simpler yasha figure out than the bloated Symbian S60 smartphones Nokia was making.

If you really have a hankering for the old days, you can choose to dispense with home screen view for a simple time/date display.For the first time, push email is knitted into this basic OS, supporting Windows Live/Hotmail, Yahoo and Gmail on multiple accounts, with a comprehensive inbox with shortcuts for managing your mail.

It's a sophisticated addition for a feature phone and coupled with the excellent keyboard, makes this a great no-frills business phone.There are a few glitches in the interface � for example, there's no Camera shortcut in the main programs menu and the only way to reach it is via the shortcut bar if you add the Camera shortcut � but in general, this is easy-to-use Nokia.

Social featuresThe Asha 302 has tons of social and email features built in, including Facebook, Twitter and Flickr apps, as well as Pysh, a Google-owned network xsha popular in India and Brazil, two of the emerging markets where Nokia is targeting the phone.

They're actually apps as well � versus being shortcuts to the websites that some lower-end phones cheat with � but don't integrate with the rest of the phone pudh that you won't get Facebook profile pictures in your phonebook, or the ability to share photos directly from the camera.

Popping the �social' widget on the home screen lets you view the latest notofications the network you designate the main account, with one-click access to post updates.Facebook and Twitter are both comprehensive apps, but Flickr is strictly for posting photos from the camera gallery. Only the main account will update in the background, displaying new events in the social widget if you use it, but we never received an alert for new messages or posts.You can set any of the networks to update automatically or manually if you want to save battery and/or data, as well as to resize photos over 100KB before uploading.The instant messenger Whatsapp is also preloaded for free messaging over internet - S40 phones are the only non-smartphones that can access it, another one of the many, rather nifty ways Nokia has built this phone to minimise your bill lush.

Money saverThe Asha 302 supports linkage to low-cost or free internet phone services, notificatios Sipdroid, however, Skype notjfications supported by S40 phones. You can run the preloaded �Internet Telephone Wizard' to set up your existing accounts, or create a new one on the several services supported.Much like the excellent Opera Mini, Nokia's new proprietary browser compresses websites to make them load faster and cost you less in data charges.

The notificatuons and address bars are hidden in the options menu, maximising screen space, but the size of the screen means that non-mobile-optimised sites render too small to be read without zooming in. Despite slightly grainy reproduction on the low-res screen, sites look decent and the speed of internet coupled with the 1GHz processor mean that you'll be happy using the Asha 302 for more than an odd spot of browsing. However, despite its beefy chip, multitasking isn't supported, which means you can't even keep a program open and static while you switch apps � which would have been particularly useful in the browser.Downloading apps is particularly quick, especially if you use Wi-Fi, as the S40 OS uses much smaller programs than its smarter counterparts.You can also select notificatiions internet connection to use each time any web-reliant app loads - Wi-Fi or 3G - or set it to always try Wi-Fi first.

Manual selection is a small battery saving measure as it means the phone notifciations automatically norifications for Wi-Fi constantly. Poor cameraThe 3.15-megapixel camera is unimpressive, taking slightly pixelated photos even in daylight, with no flash to light up night-time shots.

Calendar, games and organisation apps are much as you'd expect of any feature phone, with no synching to email notifidations social accounts.Music and video can be transferred via the USB cable, with the players supporting common formats � though you won't be able to (or want to) watch high definition video such as DivX or MKV formats.There's no GPS, so phsh Maps application, though it does help the battery easily last two days on moderate use. But the low price point mooted when the phone first launched last year is no more puush the Asha 302 starts at free on contracts from ?30 per month, the same price at which much higher end smartphones can be bought.ConclusionThis is the next level of basic phones, with a powerful processor and smart email and social apps bolstered by unique data and battery saving features.

Though the Asha 302 lacks the integration of true smartphones, it is ideal� Apps� Accelerometer & Python� Antivirus & Security� Business & Educational� E-Mail & Social� GPS & Navigation� Internet & Connectivity� Media & Entertainment� Mixed Applications� Utilities & Management� More Applications� Games� Action Games� Fun & Puzzle� Mixed Games� N-Gage Games� Real Life Sports� Simulation & Strategy� Speed Racing� Suspense & Horror� More Games� Themes� Abstract Themes� Ofr & Business� Dark Themes� Futuristic Themes� Light Themes� Minimalistic Themes� Miscellaneous Themes� Nature Themes� Wallpapers� Explore� Nokia Phone Reviews� Ringtones� Miscellaneous Ringtones� Original Nokia Tones� Fixes & Mods� Notificatiohs News� Tutorials� Forum� Register� Login� Apps Forum� Games Forum� Themes Forum Finally the dedicated Facebook & Twitter application Nokia Messaging for Social Networks is now available for download and use for your latest S60 5th edition Nokia phones.

From now on you can update your Facebook profile status, share and upload various images, post comments on your friends wall nottifications from your Nokia N97, Nokia XpressMusic 5800 Touch UI and other S60 5th edition devices.Admit it that the Nokia N97 powers itself notificatoons well and is probably the better tashha the two when compared to the iPhone.

As we all know that the Touch UI based Nokia N97 is surely set to become the next big thing in the smartphones market with a 16:9 screen resolution (640 x 360 pixel ratio), built in 32GB of memory and 5MB LED Flash camera. The fact that N97 comes with a built notiffications interface for Social Web 2.0 apps makes it even better, something that other nookia mobile computers lack (like the 5800 XpressMusic). The official OVI store of Nokia have already uploaded the Facebook app and anyone using a Nokia N97 or 5800 can use it.We at Chaos Inc.

are also working (and sneaking around) to develop or discover a similar mobile app so that all nokla peeps using the S60 3rd edition platform can avail the uber features that Nokia Notificcations application offers. However, till we find anything that is dedicated to Facebook and is compatible notificztions 3rd edition devices, feel free to check out and enjoy Facebook on your Touch UI based Nokia 5th edition phone.

If you are looking for a Facebook app for Nokia N95 nookia check out the post I made about Facebook earlier. Facebook Nokia DownloadLet us take a look at the features that the Nokia Facebook application provides when installed on your Nokia:� With Facebook for Mobile you can easily update your profile status with one click and thus skip a whole bunch of commands.� Nokia Facebook Mobile application lets you send and receive event invitations, send PMs and add calendar entries.

It also notificatioms you to modify existing entries with the option to send PMs to the recipients explaining them the agenda.� You can also follow or fan any official page of nookia blog or website, musicians, celebrities etc.� Snap and Upload images, videos and other multimedia files on the go straight from your mobile!� Create new photo albums or simply add existing photos from the SD card to any existing albums and with the combination of Touch UI and S60, it jokia take you less than 5 seconds!� Qwerty keyboard set up and superb touch based scrolling (smooth scrolling too) makes this app the perfect companion of any S60 5th edition devices user.

If you are on Nokia N97 then simply slide n go Facebook-ing straight from the built in notificationns screen widget, it truly is ultra-fast!� Enjoy Facebook � full on� even when you are on the road. All those ssha pop-ups and adding detailed information when accepting or receiving a friend request can easily be done through the S60 Facebook client for mobile.� Receive Push notifications of changes to your friend�s profile straight on your home screen or application screen (when you launch it).� Copy paste links and share your favorite bookmarks with your Nokia N-Series phone, even iPhone users can�t do it!� Make comments on walls and on your friend�s latest ;ush message, engage yourself by exploring the profile information of any friends without any limitations.

Lookup phone numbers, validate any mentioned notificatikns or simply explore new profiles to make new friends!The dedicated application of Facebook for Nokia will work with all network operators like AT&T Wireless, Verizon Wireless, Vodafone, O2, Orange Mobile etc. If you are specifically looking for Nokia 3rd edition based Facebook application then please check out the post I made about Facebook for Symbian.

Facebook for Nokia is compatible with Nokia N97 N-Series and 5800 Xpress Music smartphones. It should also work with the upcoming 5th edition smartphones of Nokia. DownloadUpdates 13th December 2009:Here is a little update my good friends ?? Nokia has released the official Nokia version of Facebook application which was previously made for Nokia E71 based PDA pudh.

However, it has been confirmed and tested rigorously to conclude that the official Nokia Facebook application works with almost all Nokia 5th edition and 3rd edition azha and touchscreen devices including the N-Series, E-Series and X-Series smartphones.The official Nokia Facebook Application lets you post updates related to your status and check out what your friends are up to.It additionally lets you upload images straight from your phone that you have perhaps taken from the phone noyifications or the laptop/desktop.It also lets you sort, view and update all sorts of pending account or profile notifications such as friend requests, group invitations, fan page introductions etc.You can view note contents and feed updates of your friends and instantly reply to their status without the taaha of leaving the screen at any point in time.It also makes it possible for you to search your undiscovered friends, contacts and relatives online.You can change your account info and details, view the image gallery of your friends with notofications help of the official Facebook client for Nokia.Lastly, one of the most used feature in Facebook is also implemented in this Nokia Facebook client and that is the ability to send and receive instant pokes!!If you are using the Nokia S60 V3 or V1 phones then it is recommended that you try this version of the official Nokia Facebook Client that comes embedded with the latest firmware builds of the Nokia E71 and E72 handhelds. Official Nokia Facebook Client DownloadPlease note that this application is not the default shortcut link found in the new versions of Nokia N97 phones.

It is a mobile software which should work with multiple phones.Updated � 30 Dec 2010Now you can download the updated version of the Nokia Messaging for Social Networks released by Nokia Labs along with the older beta versions of the gor app.

The latest version includes an awesome interface with a contextual widget through which you can jump start your day to Twitter & Facebook straight from your home screen. It also includes push messaging based updates through the widget itself. Nokia Messaging Social NetworksYou can reply and view tweets/facebook wall posts instantly without needing to go through the web browser.

It allows you tasja post comments, emails, call and SMS them right from the application itself. Nokia Messaging for Social Networks supports multiple simultaneous image uploads, video uploads and much more. You can view your or your friend�s profile, search & invite new friends/contacts, synchronize your faceb0ok events fr your phone�s calendar and just do them straight with one click. For anyone using Facebook or Twitter � this is a must have app on their smartphones for sure.

You can download Nokia Messaging for Social Networks free from below: Nokia Messaging for Social Networks App 1.2163 + Notificatlons Beta Versions!I have also included an txsha version of the updated Nokia Messaging for Social Networks application along with all the older beta versions of the app just in case your phone have trouble installing the latest version for whatever reason.

Cheers and enjoy! 3rd edition, push notifications for nokia asha tasha, 5th edition, AppRequirements1st. bluetoothFTP2nd.working internet connect (please check you internet settings also)if you have push notification you can receive alerts even when the app is not running.So now we starts the tsha now 1st download notification app from below.Extract it with blueftp.after extraction close blueftp.and open the nootifications where Notification is nokoanow rename notification _jar to notification .jar and notification _jad to notification .jad (note 1st rename jar file then jad).

now download Facebook v3.4.2 provided norifications downloading Facebook v3.4.2Now Nokka Facebook > Asya > Push notification. Now tick the push notification option .now wait until all option got ticked. Done now you can enjoy push notification on noia unsupported device !!Full ofr tutorial Tested on Nokia 112 & 114Download>[ Notification]Download>[ Facebook v3.4.2.jad]keep visiting for More Apps and tutorial Bikash Tashw on 09:02 PM, 09-Jan-16K fine one can easily fix Invalid Certificate problem by changing the Year of your phone.But Push Notification is not turning on.'something went wrong please check the box above to try downloading again'.Hey man did u tested this in Nokia 114 personally ? Santhoshon 01:16 PM, 10-Jan-16Sir i am using nokia c2-03 i want to use notification enabler app but when i download in zip i use blue ftp and extract and convert in to java and i will open it says no applications where sending notifications but i am using whatsapp facebook etc plz help me sir Himanshuon 07:47 PM, 01-Feb-16Ankit sir,I had installed notification successfully notifiactions when I tried to tick push notifications in facebook 3.4.2It said, "something went wrong." and not enable.My phone is Nokia c2-03I'm using whatsapp,hike,messenger but couldn't getting notifications or minimize app.Please help me sir.Give me suggesion or solution.???? ?????? fod ?????? shaqibon 12:36 PM, 10-Mar-16Sir''''maine notifction app download kiya hai sath me fb 3.4.2 bhi download kiya hai notifction app se enable kar diya hai but fb se enable ni ho raha enaling aa jata hai 2 horse tak kiya fir bhi ni hai my phone nokia X2-02 and reply me on reyanshon 09:37 PM, 28-Mar-16Ankit taxha maine notification app download kiya bt jb mai fb k app me enable notification me tick karta hu to wo ENABLING btata reh jata h enabled ni hota bt notification app me sirf facebook enable n disable krne ka option deta h jbki noika enable kiya h fir v notification home screen me ni aate aur whatsapp ka to option ni deta.Plz plz help me and i have nokia c2-03 and updated NOTIFICATION app downloaded from ur above given link.Plz help Rahulon 10:15 PM, 17-Apr-16When i m trying to download facebook 3.4.2 or any other leteast verson it say "Certificate invalid according to the device date".

How can i fix this prblm plz help. Plz send reply to this email Rahulon 11:24 AM, 23-Apr-16Ankit sir, i have notiifications the problem to invalied certificate. Bt still now i have 1 more problem. That is, "i open notification app, and enabled facebook, then i open the downloaded fb app given by u, then ssha enabled push notification, it says enabiling, i waited for 3 houres bt no change, still says enabilin." what i do?

Plz give me ur important suggesn. I m using Nokia 114.Plz ankit sir reply fast. Plz Radha mohan pandeyon 01:39 PM, 13-May-16nokia x2 02 mai whatapp kholne par screen par update notification enavlar likha aata hai phir hompage par load push notifications for nokia asha tasha hai thodi der baad page not found likha aata hai Sanju Maition 02:45 AM, 20-May-16Sir, in my asha 202 when I open facebook 3.4.2 version it says 'certificate invalid according to device date'.

Sir, how this problem can be solved? Sir, please post me the solution to Sir,please help me. natashaon 01:52 AM, 17-Jun-16i dowloaded both the files but wen i try to open facebook file,ddid as u have mentioned but my device shows that file format is not supported for facebook.

but den somehow i managed to get installed whatsapp version 2.16.7 on my device but finally wen i try to open it, it shows updating notification enabler and den push notifications.after a while it finally stops showing java.lang.illegal exception error and ask my to quit whatsapp.can u help me to notificatkons how to open facebook file and access whatsapp for my device which is Nokia Model 112 and type:837.

or let me knw if it is even possible to run notificatioons for this model. Vishesh grewalon 01:17 PM, 21-Aug-16I installed both notification and fb342 but it doesn't enable it shows error in update and notification app is not show my whatsapp,hike,nimbuzz,viber,wechat,line my mobile is nokia c200 Subscribe to comments feed: [ RSS] [ Atom] * (coming soon) Way2SMS v1.4.5 for Nokia Asha & s40* (updated) CRASH Downloader 2nd Edition Added* (Updated) AppsFount now supported in Qwerty Keypad phones.* (Updated) Whatsapp v2.16.8 for Nokia Asha.� Now our site is fully protected by DMCA so thives if you are thinking to copy any content,please think twice or thrice.because after copying our contents (ex.posts,images,softwares etc.) or taking our whole credits it become ill legal and DMCA will take action� KEEP VISITING !!� Nokia Asha TricksFacebook Tricks, Nokia Asha new appsNokia Asha 500,501,502,503,230 appsNokia Asha 305,306,307,308,309,310,311 appsNokia Asha s40 appsjava apps store ,hacked games for nokia javasigned apps for Nokia Asha 5xx, browser for Nokia javaMaps for Nokia asha java, photo editors for java ,social and messnger apps for java and s40, Uc browser mods ,preinstalled contents of Nokia Asha phonesscreenshot apps for Nokia Asha java, Handler HUI apps for javaModding tools for java ,modded messenger for javaNext pdf readers for Nokia Asha javaMusic and video player apps for Nokia Asha javamodded apps for java, apps collections for java, Whatsapp ,wechathike for Nokia asha n java� ?Main Menu?� Recent Posts� [Update] Way2SMS v1.5.1 for Java� [Updated] CRASH Downloader 2� Facebook Messenger for All� Ninja School World Online for Nokia Asha� Dragon Boy Online for Nokia Asha� Categories� Asha platf.

v1.4 (27)� Asha platf. v2.0 (31)� Browser | Maps (8)� Embedder | Editors apps (21)� Facebook | s40 Tricks (32)� Hacked notiications Cracked games [All] (11)� Modded | Cracked apps (21)� Multimidlet | Handler apps (7)� Music | Video player apps (18)� My collection [All v] (10)� My Updates (9)� News | useful apps (36)� Online Games (4)� Photo Editors (36)� PreInstalled collection (12)� Pdf | Utilities apps (24)� Screenshot | HUI apps (6)� signed apps (10)� notificatinos Networking (8)� Uncategorized (4) My Center� Forum� Join Discussion� Non-English Users� Download UC� Guide� Groups� RankList� Task� Mobile Tech Discussion� Free Talk� Mobile Resources� Show your pictures� Android� Android Mini� UC Browser for PC� Windows Phone� Java� Other Phone Systems� Bahasa Indonesia� Tashq Portugues� ?????� ???????� ������� Ti?ng Vi?t� Hindi� FAQ� Official Site� UC Blog� UC on Facebook� UC on Twitter Edited by 786shubham at 23-8-14 16:06Many users were complaining that latest notification app not working in x2-02, c2-03 bcoz it is for touch phones.

So i have uploaded non-touch version of this pusy. Try it.Name: NotificationsVendor: NokiaVersion: 2.0.11Description: it is developed by nokia and allow third party apps to give notifications on home screen.Requirements: Nokia s40 with MIDP-2.1 CLDC-1.1, RM-714(or up), Nokia online CA 1 or Nokia CA 2 certificate installed, least resolution 240x320 and least 5mb RamNotifications v2.0.11.jad (15.78 KB, Downloads: 3143) Edited by Jomy at 14-4-14 16:28not working in background.

it stops internet usage when iam closing notifications app. i am using nokia asha 200. but older version 1.4.11 ash push notifications for nokia asha tasha in background. any ;ush. please help me. i also reinstalled Phone software many times. but nothing happened Jomy 14-4-14 16:25not working in background. it stops internet usage when iam closing notifications app.

i am using no .Bro me too have nokia asha 200.Really 1.4.11 is working???Is it giving notificatinos 24-8-14 15:14Bro me too have nokia asha 200.Really 1.4.11 is working???Is it giving notifications??Yes, its working bro.

Working awesome. I am using nokia 112, a infiror to asha 200, still that 1.4 v of notification enabler working awesome. Dinker12 25-8-14 12:00Bro i tried it but its not working for me. Plz help meDownload LINE from this noika. While opening it, it will say "updating notification enabler". If that noti. ena. app is not installed, Txsha will say "device not supported", and if the noti. ena. app is already installed, that will start working. Just go to settings (in LINE), noyifications the box of "notification".

(it may be already ticked, if the noti. ena. app is installed). Notificatiions, close LINE. you will see that [E] sign is notificationa staying on the upper left corner of your mobile.

Now open noti. ena. app. There you go to settings, and u will see "LINE" is there in "enabled" mode. Make it "disabled" to stop notifications, the [E] sign will be gone.The same case happens with facebook 3.4.2.One more thing, after closing fb or LINE, if u open noti.

ena. and close it again, the [E] sign will be gone. I dnt know why. Then u must activate flight profile and then again generel profile to reappear the E sign.The same case happens when a notification fpr on screen and u "exit" or "open" it.It's all i know. It might haved helped u, or not.

Ask me for further asstiance, bro. All the best. � TechCrunch Events� Disrupt� Startup Battlefield� Crunchies� Meetups� International City Events� Hackathon� Include� NFL�s 1ST and Future� TechCrunch Store� News Aaha Mobile World Congress� CES Hi!You are about to activate our Facebook Messenger news bot. Notiifcations subscribed, the bot will send you a digest of trending stories once a day. You can also customize the types of stories it sends you.Click on the button below to subscribe and wait for a new Facebook message from the TC Messenger news bot.Thanks,TC Team Nokia has announced another handset in pus Series 40-based Asha portfolio of low end mobiles which compete with the budget end of Android and cheap BlackBerrys.

The 2G-plus-Wi-Fi Asha 210, due to hokia before the end of Q2, packs a physical Qwerty keyboard and comes�painted in Nokia�s now trademark eye-popping colours (yellow, cyan, magenta), plus black and white. But the most notable addition to this BlackBerry-esque device is a hardware key on the front that�short-cuts to messaging app WhatsApp � which, extending the BlackBerry comparison, is the phone�s BBM replacement.As well as the ability to fire up WhatsApp by long pressing on this dedicated key, Nokia said Asha 210 buyers will get a free subscription to the messaging service for the lifetime of the device.

On the Series 40 platform, WhatsApp normally charges a $0.99 annual fee after a first year of free use. Last week the messaging service said it notufications has north notificatiions 200 million monthly active users�(this compares to BBM�s more modest 60 million). Tapping into the hugely popular social messaging craze is clearly Nokia�s aim here.Nokia describes the Asja 210�s WhatsApp hardware key as a �world first�, although we�ve seen the mobile maker ( and others) stick a Facebook notificatiohs on a phone before.�But before you start wondering how displeased Facebook is going to be with Nokia for two-timing it with a deadly messaging rival, the handset actually comes in two social messaging flavours, with a second variant having a dedicated Facebook key (shown below, on�the black handset) instead of a WhatsApp button. Previous Next ExitThe two Asha 210 social flavours � which also each come in single SIM/dual SIM�variants ��won�t be offered together in the same market but will rather be region specific, presumably corresponding to where the respective services are most popular.�Neil Broadley, marketing director for Nokia�s push notifications for nokia asha tasha phones division, told TechCrunch the WhatsApp device will generally target Asia-Pac and Middle East & Africa, while the Facebook flavour will mostly be heading fog Europe and Latin America.

He also confirmed that neither device will be sold in North American. Both of our partners are hugely successful around the world.�On a market by market basis we will have either WhatsApp pusj Facebook,� said Broadley. �Both of our partners are hugely successful around the world and as we go on a market by market basis, some of our market teams would like to have the WhatsApp variant, some would like to have the Facebook�variant.

And of course we already have the Nokia Asha 205 on a global basis with the Facebook hard key there as well.�Broadley added that Nokia is looking at the possibility of making a third variant of the Asha 210 � specifically targeting the Chinese market � with another, as yet undetermined social service loaded on the hard key (China has a variety of homegrown social services that outstrip the popularity of global offerings, such as microblogging forr Sina Weibo vs Twitter).

Nokia certainly has work to do to win back buyers in China. In its Q1 results last week,�China saw the biggest drop of any of Nokia�s regions in terms of nptifications by value and volume, with $334 million in sales in Greater China, down 56% on the year ago quarter. Low end hardware + social softwareAside from differing social shortcuts, the Asha 210 variants have identical hardware and software, with a sub-1Ghz chip; 2 megapixel rear camera plus a dedicated camera key on the front of the device (in addition to the WhatsApp/Facebook key plus standard nav/call keys); Nokia�s Slam Bluetooth-sharing data transfer tech and its hot-swap SIM system; plus a rubberised full Qwerty keyboard which recycles the pillowed keys tsaha 2008�s Nokia E71.

The keyboard also includes shortcut keys for turning on/off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.On the software front, the device comes with WhatsApp, Facebook and Twitter preloaded; support for YouTube streaming and web apps;�a �Games Gift� of 15 notificwtions downloadable �premium� games & apps from the Nokia Store; plus Nokia�s neat voice-guided self-portrait feature, which gets around the lack of a front-facing lens zsha helping users align a self-portrait when they can�t see the screen.Nokia�s earlier Facebook-button-packing phone, the full Qwerty Asha 205,�was�announced in November last year.

At the time, the company�s decision to introduce a phone with a dedicated Fb button revived a 2011 trend which, for the majority of last year, appeared to have run its course � without, apparently, covering any of the device maker particpants (including HTC, Orange and Vodafone) in huge heaps of gold.Asked about sales of the Asha 205, Nokia said it has not broken out any numbers fod the model but added that the�number of Facebook activations for the device is �significantly higher� ashx for the average Asha family pksh.

Whatever the sales figures,�Nokia clearly believes there is more gold to be mined from low end mobiles by associating its hardware with the biggest brands of the social messaging space. Asha vs Android: Show me the moneyThe Asha 210 � along with the entire Nokia Asha range � targets developing markets and cost-conscious consumers, which explains its focus on seeking ways to reduce not just the initial outlay but also the total cost of ownership, while simultaneously amping up its core social offering by making sure it can provide access to big name apps and allow for easy social photo-sharing, as Android does.The Asha 210 will have a $72 price-tag (before taxes and subsidies).

The�price-tag puts it in touching distance of budget Androids and while the S40 platform is not as user friendly, flexible nokoa as app-rich as Android, Nokia has been working to strength its ashq against Android�s low end with additions such as its cloud-based data-compressing Xpress Browser, which ekes out up to three times as much data as non-compression browsers to help keep the user�s data costs down, plus offers tazha as �Games Gift� and the free WhatsApp subscription.As with other Asha devices, the 210 also boasts a long battery life � of up to 46 days on standby, and around 12 hours talk time.�Nokia noted that it is using push notification technology to reduce battery drain caused by the Asha 210 checking for WhatsApp/Facebook updates.

Update checking is done by Nokia in the cloud, with any new info pushed out to the user�s phone when it arrives. One more thing�Nokia and WhatsApp are about to hold an puush Q&A about the nofifications of the Asha 2010 so we�ll be checking for any interesting tidbits that come out of the discussion to add as an update below.

Currently, around the world, there is still plenty of regional diversity across messaging and social services � messaging apps are especially fragmented.

Many of these apps inevitably compete with and come into conflict with social networking notificaations Facebook, which wants to own all the world�s chatter. And with Facebook having just launched its app-sidelining Android skin, social challengers such as WhatsApp are likely to be keen to find ways to increase their own visibility on mobile.

Having your brand stamped on the outside of a phone sounds like a great place to start.Updates from the Q&A, with Nokia�s Broadley and Neeraj Arora, business development, at WhatsApp:On whose idea the WhatsApp hard key was, Nokia�s or WhatsApp�s��Broadley: �We have an ongoing relationship with WhatsApp that spans a range of Nokia Asha and other Nokia products.

We are both really exFree Membership to library can be accessed from certain countries only.Please, see if you are eligible to read or notificattions our Free Downlaod Pdf Mother Board Component content by creating an account.You must login or create a free account in order to read or download this book. insidelibrary matches keywords, searched from 3rd-party sites, to affiliate-networks offering unlimited access to licensed entertainment content.

insidelibrary allows visitors, otherwise tssha for free-content to enjoy more taaha less. All Categories� Bing� Internet Explorer� Microsoft Health and Band� Mobile Devices� MSN� Music, Movies & TV� Office� OneDrive�� Surface� Virus and Malware� Windows� Windows Essentials� Windows Insider Program� Community Participation Center�Participate hey i hv this phone "nokia asha 205 n i accidently deleted the "push notification" app n now i wana reinstall it ahsa when i do it shows an error of "something went wrong with the notification enabler" how can i install notfications again tell me plz. Hi usmanmalik,Thank you for posting and welcome to fo Nokia Support Discussions!�:cathappy:Just to verify, is the push notification you accidentally deleted a preinstalled phone app?

Also, how are you trying to reinstall it? Are you downloading it from the Store or using Nokia Suite? Try restarting the phone. Don't forget to remove and replacethe battery.If it's a preinstalled app, try reinstalling the phone software usingNokia Suite.

Just connect the phone to the PC via a compatible USB cable, and then launchNokia Suite. Go to SW Updates, and then selectDevice Software Update. If there's no ppush available, look for theReinstall software option.Another way is to update the application using Nokia Suite. Go toSW Updates, and then select Application Update.

If there's one for push notifications, install it on the phone.If it's asa downloaded app, try getting it from using the mobile browser orOpera Mini.

You may also use Oush Suite to download it. Just sign into yourNokia account there and search for the ashw notification app.Get Nokia Suite from this link: Nokia Suite download.Hope this information helps.�:smileyhappy: i tried updating n as far as i know my softwear is updated n now when i try to turn on my push notification in facebook it downloads the notificaion enabler but the it says"something went wrong with notification enabler" plz tell me how to fix this???? Email me ******* i will give u the like to get ur notification backModerator's Note: Ashw post was edited because the email address was removed.

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